G Hospitality Management or G Manangement is a team consist of some professionals who have years of experience in tourism and hospitality business. This team is built by Gede Hendry, who spent his time in managerial level from 2006 until today. His experience as consultant and general manager in some restaurants, villas, seaside lodge until 4 stars resort makes him an accountable partner to meet the inquiry of every business or property owner. The team now is covering all necessary departement from daily operation and maintenance, IT – marketing and accounting. Our coverage working area are Bali, Lombok then expanding to Banyuwangi, East Java now


Property Management
Property Management is the operation, control, and oversight of specific property or asset in term of private use or commercial purposes. We come to be the good advisor and assistant for investors, business or property owners in order to assist them based on their need and purposes. Our assistance would be tailored based on any inquiry with accommodating the unique character and style from every owner. It could start fromĀ  A to Z. From concepting, projecting, planning, building and development, promotion and marketing until operation and maintenance. Every property will be set up to meet a good quality of standard service and facilities in order to achieve reasonable profit on your investment. We here for you as nothing is too small nor too big for us.
Sale & Rental
List your valuable property with us then we will share it to the world.
Vacation Organizer
Bali and Lombok are two beautiful and popular islands in Indonesia, even world. Both islands are our playground. Please tell us your dream vacation in both islands then we will make it happen for you.